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Portfolio Category: AI & AI Agents

CatGPT Cover (1)

CatGPT – A Cat Images Generative AI Network

This AI crafts lifelike cat pictures for pet lovers and artists. Powered by an advanced neural network trained on tons of cat pics, CatGPT captures the essence of cats in every pose and style.

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Docunist Cover

Docunist – A Revolutionary Document Collaboration System

Docunist offers a tailored SaaS platform for securely sharing documents between two user groups, ideal for scenarios like contract negotiations where real-time collaboration isn’t necessary.

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Argus Cover

Argus – All-in-One security platform

We built a universal platform, combined multiple vendors in one system, and saved $48,000 per year on video streaming.

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Beagle Cover

Beagle – the e-discovery assistant with AI integration

Teaming up with our client, we’ve supercharged document mastery. By offering powerful tools for handling high-profile legal cases, Beagle raised $3.43 million, including $430,000 in pre-seed investments.

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AiSDR Cover (1)

AiSDR – Your first AI SDR

We helped to transform YC startup’s waiting list into a game changer in just 3 months.

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