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We understand how important it is to stick to a budget and estimate. For each project, we estimate its delivery in the form of a range of hours and ensure that actual costs do not exceed the top figure of the estimate. This means our clients won’t pay for our mistakes in estimating the project. Fortunately, our professionalism avoids such situations.

As our cases show, we don’t just write code; we participate in the process of building the product. The results speak for themselves: Among our clients, there are serial entrepreneurs with whom we have made two or more products, and the average valuation of our clients’ startups at the seed stage is $25 M.

Most of our clients hire an in-house team after 4-6 months of development due to investor requirements. We expect this from the first day of development, so we comment on the code in detail and provide a very efficient process of transferring knowledge about the project and advise new teams if necessary.

Not a problem! We know how to adapt to existing development processes and never impose our own. We are great at communicating with existing business teams, fitting into their processes without losing the high efficiency of our work. Besides, you will definitely get a fresh look from us and recommendations from us if they arise.