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user flow

Step 1: Uploading Your Treasures

Start by uploading your cat’s photos to the platform. This simple step initiates a remarkable journey. As you upload each photo, our technology prepares them for a unique transformation. Imagine creating imaginative scenarios with your cat, like bicycling in the mountains!

Step 2: The Learning AI model

After uploading, hang tight while our AI system uses your photos to train a special model. This usually takes about 10-15 minutes. While you wait, you can explore cool posts and categories made by other cat lovers. Meanwhile, our AI, a marvel of modern technology, is analyzing your uploaded photos. This phase involves sophisticated learning where the AI absorbs every unique feature of your cat, laying the groundwork for personalized image creation.

Step 3: Unleashing Your Imagination

Once the AI is ready, it’s your turn to get creative. Describe your image with specific prompts, styles, and sizes, and exclude any elements you don’t want.  We use an advanced Stable Diffusion XL model for this generative process. This customization lets you share exactly what you envision. You can start generating new images of your cat based on your prompts even before the model is fully trained. These images will be queued and automatically generated, allowing you to see your creative visions come to life.

Step 4: The Sharing Your Art in the Spotlight

When your new cat images are ready, showcase them to the world. The platform makes sharing as enjoyable as creating. Whether on social media or CatGPT community, your images will impress and delight. Your journey doesn’t end with sharing. We encourage you to keep experimenting with different styles, drawing inspiration from others on the platform.

Step 5: Dealing with Big Techy Stuff

CatGPT platform efficiently processes large numbers of images, thanks to our use of Next.js images with Vercel image optimization platform. This means we can handle large, detailed images, showing them on the site at a web-friendly size. A 5 MB image can be displayed as a 200×200 pixel version, loading quickly without the need to load the full-size image. Our ongoing development includes adding variability in image sizes for even more flexibility.

Results of the project


Programs adjusting images for clarity, offering a choice of 7 schedulers for testing.

Guidance Scale (CFG)

Determines image-text prompt alignment, with various values suited for different prompts.

Refine Styles

Programs adding finer details to the output, with 3 options available for testing.

LoRA Scale

Influences the resemblance of results to the cat on which the model was trained.

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