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user flow

Step 1: Leads

Start by adding your leads into AiSDR. The system cleans up and organizes your data, making sure it’s accurate and relevant. If your leads have LinkedIn profiles, AiSDR will find them, pulling in useful info like their activities and interests to help AI personalize your emails.

Step 2: Custom persona

AiSDR excels in developing detailed sales personas, allowing for a deeper understanding of your target audience. Input as much information as possible about who you are, what you’re selling, and your workplace. AiSDR helps in creating a comprehensive persona, enhancing your communication strategy. Plus, you can switch between different email accounts and personas easily, thanks to a user-friendly integration feature.

Step 3: Goals and frequency

The system works non-stop. You can set specific goals such as booking demos or discovery calls and integrate your Calendly for direct appointment scheduling through the AI. Once you set goals (like booking demos or scheduling calls), AiSDR quickly follows up with interested leads, usually in less than 10 minutes. 

However, utilize AiSDR’s AI technology to craft personalized email campaigns at scale. You can set the frequency of follow-ups based on lead responses and choose your email sending window to avoid suspicion from email providers and leads. AiSDR also offers optimized time settings for different time zones. Customize subject lines to grab attention and avoid spam filters. Enable open rate tracking to gauge engagement and preview emails before launching the campaign. Regarding the backend, our team has constructed a robust infrastructure that is capable of supporting thousands of daily requests. Additionally, our system adeptly tracks interactions with Calendly and manages other similar tasks, ensuring a seamless operational flow.

Step 4: Campaign Builder

Use AiSDR’s Campaign Builder to create personalized email campaigns. AiSDR uses generative AI technology to create large-scale, personalized email campaigns. The platform analyzes lead data and sales personas for maximum message impact. Customize your email subject lines to capture attention and avoid spam filters, and enable open rate tracking for insights. Preview your emails live before launching the campaign for quality assurance.

Step 5: Performance on the Dashboard

Keep an eye on your campaign’s performance with the dashboard. It shows you the total number of emails sent, how many leads are engaging, the number of meetings booked, response rates, and more.On the front end, our team made a system that keeps the information up-to-date quietly in the background. This innovative approach ensures that users always access the most current data without the need for constant refreshing.

With AiSDR, managing leads and personalizing your email campaigns becomes straightforward and efficient, letting you focus more on making sales and less on the technical details.

Results of the project

Effortless Team Management

We launched and introduced the product successfully.

Automated Report Creation

Our team guided YC success for the client.

Intuitive Data Organization

We established 99.9% service availability architecture

Powerful Editing and Finalizing

Our client closed a successful seed round.

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