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user flow

Step 1: Upload Your Document

We’ve developed a cutting-edge architecture for handling .docx files. Yes, the very same .docx format that lacks official documentation. Our team has engineered a unique parser that transforms a docx file into our proprietary recursive format. This format is the backbone of our editor. It enables us to render elements of any complexity and support formatting types not available in standard HTML. 

Complex nested lists, multi-level tables, and other elements that are not supported in html have been implemented thanks to the custom nodes system. All of them allow you to get an experience in your browser that was previously available only in Microsoft Word. This innovation sets the stage for unparalleled document manipulation and collaboration.

Step 2: Make Initial Edits

Once your document is uploaded and seamlessly integrated into our system, you can start making your initial edits. The intuitive interface allows you to dive right into the content, adding, modifying, or rearranging elements as needed. Make sure your document is ready, and if not, finish preparing it right in your browser. Until you invite your first counterpart, change tracking is optional and can be disabled. This allows you to prepare initial edits for review before beginning the collaborative process.

Step 3: Begin Collaboration

Invite counterparts to the ‘opposite party’. You can add one counterpart who will then form their negotiation team. User roles enable flexible access level management, granting permissions for viewing, commenting, or editing. However, your document remains invisible to the counterpart until you decide to transfer it to them. Our innovative collaboration editing engine, built for horizontal scaling and even on 20$ VPC server, can support 60+ collaborators per document in realtime.

Step 4: Discussion

Once you’ve finished editing and are ready to send the document to your counterpart, what happens next? Upon sending, you’ll see the latest version of the document, locked from further editing. Your counterpart will be able to view all changes, accept or reject them with reasons, and leave comments. Their amendments remain inaccessible to you until they send the document back. The same applies in reverse – once they transfer the document to you, they can’t see your ongoing modifications. This ensures complete transparency, control over changes, and security. And yes, all modifications made during collaboration are meticulously tracked by the system.

Step 5: What's Next?

After discussions conclude and the document is finalized, our unique PDF export module allows you to download and send the document for signing. The entire history of the document remains in the system and the audit trail can be used for 2 years after the end of the negotiations. The product ensures that the audit trail corresponds to real negotiations, as every action is recorded with IP, location, and device fingerprint.

The magic concludes here, as the system performs its role without creating any additional third-party dependencies for the user. With confidence in the accuracy of your contract, you can use the resulting pdf to sign and return to docunist during your next negotiation.

Results of the project

Revolutionary .docx File Handling

Explore our cutting-edge architecture designed to handle .docx files, even in the absence of official documentation for this widely-used format.

Scalable Collaboration Editing Engine

Experience innovation with our collaboration editing engine, crafted for horizontal scaling. Even on a $20 VPC server, it supports real-time collaboration with 60+ contributors per document.

Effortless PDF Export for Signatures

Utilize our unique PDF export module to seamlessly download and send documents for signing, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

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