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user flow

Step 1: Initial Access

The user downloads and installs the Argus mobile application on their smartphone. The mobile application we developed allowed full access to the system from the phone without the need to constantly sit at a computer. Also, user can integrate various security systems from different vendors into the unified Argus system.

Step 2: Ongoing Interaction

The application provides real-time updates and notifications for any incidents or events detected by the integrated devices. Users can view detailed information about each incident directly on their phone, including the type of incident, device name, and time of occurrence. The notification sounds are tailored to the severity of the incident.

Step 3: Control Features

The app includes various types of alarms and cameras as part of the security system. Real-time maps show the status of all connected devices. You can click on a device’s location on the map to see its current status. The main challenge was ensuring that the devices were accurately placed on the map, matching their actual locations and scales.

For live surveillance, you can switch to any connected camera and watch a real-time stream. This was one of the most complex parts of the project, featuring minimal delay in the video feed.

The system also uses presets, which are automated settings for the devices. For example, if an incident occurs at a specific location, the preset can turn all nearby cameras toward the incident spot.

Results of the project

Cost-Saving Video Streaming Solution

Developed a custom streaming service by eliminating the need for commercial licenses and ensuring functionality across mobile and web.

Early Delivery of Mobile App MVP

Successfully delivered the MVP of a complex mobile application 2 months ahead of schedule, providing the client with a head start in their market.

Effortless Internal Team Transition

Facilitated a smooth transition to the internal team by establishing a robust development process and providing comprehensive documentation, ensuring continuity and efficiency in project management.

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