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user flow

Step 1

When you just enter a home page as admin, you can see all the recent activity of the club.

Here, admins can quickly view and manage recent bookings for lessons. Each entry lists the event type, date, duration, price, and location. This part of the interface is a snapshot of the club’s operational heartbeat, giving admins a clear and immediate overview of the club’s activity, and enabling efficient management and oversight.

Step 2

Schedule a lesson. Administrators and instructors navigate a streamlined calendar to manage and oversee weekly activities. An intuitive interface enables easy scheduling of lessons and events. With just a few clicks, instructors can carve out availability, allowing members to book lessons. The app also facilitates seamless event creation, complete with essential details like timing, pricing, and participant management. It’s the nexus of club operations, simplifying administrative tasks and enriching the fitness community’s engagement.

Step 3: What’s next?

Embark on the journey of streamlined club management and enhanced interactive experience. As an admin, wield the power to orchestrate the club’s pulse by managing departments, overseeing staff, and nurturing member relationships. Craft and tailor schedules for instructors and members, facilitating seamless lesson planning. Engage in direct communication through a built-in chat, maintain a close eye on financial health with billing and payroll oversight, and spark club spirit by creating and announcing engaging events and posts.

On the flip side, instructors navigate a personal dashboard to synchronize their availability with eager members, ensuring that each session is a step toward transformative fitness goals. Engage in enriching dialogues with members to motivate and tailor their fitness journey.

Results of the project

Dynamic Group Lesson Access

Explore a rich array of features facilitating seamless participation in group lessons, enhancing your engagement and learning experience.

Inspired Club Events

Immerse yourself in a vibrant community through a variety of curated club events, fostering connections beyond the realm of traditional instruction.

Interactive Messaging Hub

Communicate effortlessly within the platform, with messaging capabilities complementing the robust core of events and scheduling, enriching your overall interactive experience.

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